Halloween Menu @ Wuhun FiberHome International

Halloween Menu @ Wuhun FiberHome International

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Treat or Trick! Halloween is here! Customers in Malaysia have started to request HH Catering to create a Halloween Menu, and thus here you go! Thank you Wuhun FiberHome for giving HH an opportunity to create Halloween theme dishes and the successful event that birthed these creative ideas input.

The menu they have selected are as such : Halloween Carrot Cupcake w Buttercream Topping | Decorative Watermelon Carving w Mixed Fruits | Skewer Spooky Sausage Mummies | Skewer Pancake w Grape Spider and many more!

Why not call us to help you decor your food for your special theme occasion? We here at HH will provide you with the most outstanding designs and rest assured, you will be worry-free about the food!

17 Mar 2022